Heating Blankets

Standard and Custom Fabricated Heating Blankets

Storing materials such as chemicals, foods, epoxies, resins, foams and so many more industrial products require defined temperature ranges or their shelf life and efficiency will be greatly reduced, leading to wasted product, thus inflating costs and budgets. Even more problematic when these industrial supplies are stored outdoor or in cold temperature environment.

Prodimax custom fabricated heating blankets offer protection and safe, consistent heat to keep your product at optimum temperature with a carbon grid technology and state of the art thermostat systems.

  • • Drum and barrel heaters
  • • Tote heaters
  • • Bucket and pail heaters
  • • Gas cylinder heaters
  • • Curing and thawing blankets


All models utilize NFPA Cerfified flame retardant heavy duty vinyl that’s scuff, water and UV resistant. Protected by an integrated GFCI, it utilizes Far Infrared Technology. Comprised of electrode terminals that provide a rapid heat source to provide effective heating up to 165°F (74°C), the heat grid temperature increases during the first 20 minutes of operation, while electrical current decreases. Container models feature straps for a secure and optimal fit.