Our Service

Our expert sales and technical representatives will assist you in determining which of our product is right for your application and what materials are best suited for its fabrication depending on your operations and processes to ensure optimal performance and durability.

All our products can be custom-fabricated to suit your application. There is no job too large or too intricate for us to provide you with an insulation solution for your specific needs and equipment.


Upon request, Prodimax will carry out the process from measuring at the site up to the final delivery. For designing complex shape parts, we will proceed to the job location with our equipment. Furthermore Prodimax will be pleased to answer any of our customers’ specific requirements.

We usually work with the customer to provide the dimensional data. In order to help you take the required measurements, feel free to download our sketches commonly used by the industries. You simply have to send us the completed PDF file.


We can provide the installation on site when requested.